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The Chamber seeks dark literature of all genres from around the world. There is no submission fee or submission period. The Chamber accepts submissions 24/7/365.

New stories and poems are usually published on Fridays at 10:00 a.m. U.S. central time/4:00 p.m. BST/1:00 a.m. AEST. Other material is published sporadically. Any work published in The Chamber is simultaneously published on The Chamber’s Facebook page, Twitter account, Tumblr blog, and on the publisher’s LinkedIn account.

Our authors’ and poets’ only pay is publication, exposure, and whatever constructive criticism and compliments you provide. Please like and comment as often as possible and share their works on as many social media as you can.

“Something Like Doubt Tapping at the Door” Fiction by Edward Lee

The bathtub is full, but not with water; I do not know what that substance is, whether it is a solid, a liquid, or if it came from the taps that I have not turned in years, or possibly bled from the walls which shine as though freshly painted, nor can I be sure if it was there when I entered or only appeared after I closed and locked the door.

“Sebastian and Angeline” Fiction by Thom Brucie

It was a match made in the classroom. He, Sebastian, the youthful professor with graying temples; she, Angeline, the dewy eyed graduate student. He had published two books and walked within an air of mild renown; she, mildly submissive, but tart. He, vital and mature; she in the spring ascent of womanhood.

“Escape to Paradise” Fiction by Curtis Bass

At 8 pm on a Thursday in January, Jenna heard a knock at her door. She looked through her peephole and began shivering. It was Dusty. Dustin Randall, her ex-boyfriend. Dustin, the ex-boyfriend who wouldn’t let go. Dustin, the ex-boyfriend who nearly put her in the hospital the last time he beat her.


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