New Stories, Poetry, Interviews, and Articles

New material is published on Fridays, usually about a month after acceptance. This will vary depending on the amount of material submitted. I like to publish a story, a poem, and an interview each Friday, but this will vary depending on what has been submitted.

“Sonata No. 6 (for Julian Scriabin)” Poem by Sun Hesper Jansen

I shiver when the work is finished, and ask if she is pleased – knowing she cannot answer in any human tongue. I do not breathe until she retreats to the silent murk, sated for now.   Such were your words, Papa – murky, nightmarish, and unclean – for the one piece that will ever […]

“A New Vision” Micro Fiction by Marcelo Medone

I never liked flies. Perhaps because I associated them with death and illness, with corpses and worms, with the filthiest of the zoological scale. So, when my Buddhist teacher told me that there was this possibility of reincarnating into a lower being, I panicked. I changed my lifestyle and I set out to climb the […]

“Ouija Board” Short Story by Bogdan Dragos

Well, when you’re desperate you’re… “Me,” he said. He was alone in the room and lonely enough to have bought one of those Ouija boards from some old woman who called herself a medium. It was time to try it out. All he hoped for was a sexy ghost that would haunt him, maybe hurt […]

Interview with Clay Waters

The Chamber Magazine is embarking on a new feature of conducting written interviews with authors whose work has been published on this website. Today’s interview is with Clay Waters, whose story “Frozen Dinners” was published on January 8. Clay Waters has had short stories published in The Santa Barbara Review, The J.J. Outre Review, Morpheus Tales, […]

“Staticus” Poetry by Jennifer Patino

I know how quickly a lightning bolt can strike, can defuse you. Like the moment in the middle of the highest rope bridge, fingers clutching the netting, swaying blood in tense veins, earthquake rumbling beneath you as fearless children rush past. Wanting to scream at them, [can’t they see you’re dying?] but breath must be […]

“Mother forbade feeding the poor thing” Short Story by Bogdan Dragos

There was a dog outside and it kept barking for some reason. Ah yes, it was chained and the chain was terribly short and the poor animal was hungry. Mother wouldn’t bother feeding it. No, mother wanted it to die because it had been father’s dog, inherited along with the house after father died. Mother […]

“Frozen Dinners” Short Story by Clay Waters

It was the end of October, by Grant’s reckoning, and he was staring at the shiny chrome door of his Pod. He’d come down to the basement to get a turkey dinner from the freezer. He had yet to tire of the taste, which was good, since that was all he had for food after […]

“the veins” Short Story by Bogdan Dragos

Something wasn’t quite right in this small, barren room. The man sitting across the square table, dressed in a white coat, seemed a little to calm for someone in reaching distance. ‘I could just reach for that bald head and snap the neck real nice,’ he thought as he watched the man. ‘What does he […]

“The Banshee’s Wail: A Ghost Story” Short Story by Benjamin Wylde

The sky was whited out that morning, like a great ashen blanket thrown out over to the horizon. You couldn’t make out one cloud from the next. The day was pale, and a thin vaporous mist had settled over the wet grass. The trees and bushes were soaked through with rain from the night before, […]

“Life is the Life” Poetry by Richard H. Fay

Roused from decades of sepulchral slumberBy savage cannonades and rifle fire,Departing the dark comfort of my tomb,I roam a mad world ripped apart by war. Venturing forth like a smoky blue veilWafting across this cratered countryside,Searching for the base essence of being,I am drawn to fields of lingering death. Drifting amidst battle-broken bodies,Ignoring agonizing cries […]

“From Within the Earth” Short Story by Richard H. Fay

Now that it has come, our doom hasn’t arrived from outer space, but inner space. No death star pulsing gamma rays or behemoth killer asteroid spells our demise; the Earth itself will see to that. Something stirs within the heart of this abused sphere, making all man-made disasters look like child’s play. Gaea is finally […]

“Mirror, Mirror in the Closet” Short Story by George Gad Economou

Three in the morning and I had to get up to piss. My body was aching. My head was throbbing. I had been drinking since noon and passed out about one in the morning. I nearly tripped on an empty bourbon bottle on the floor, barely managing to keep my balance by leaning on the […]

“Spirit of the Chamber” Poetry by FRED

Phantom spirit, ‘neath shroud of green tangled ivy, wrapped in strangle-hold around your form unseen. What lurks hidden until the light of fading day is by the earth consumed to welcome spectres of the night? Can your dark visage be so vile that you should cower like some clandestine soul condemned to haunt this vault […]

“H.R. Giger: His Dreams, Our Nightmares” Article by John A. DeLaughter

“You know, it takes profound art and profound insight into Nature to turn out stuff like Pickman’s…only a real artist knows the actual anatomy of the terrible or the physiology of fear- the exact sort of lines and proportions that connect up with…hereditary memories of fright, and the proper colour contrasts and lighting effects to […]

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