Aquatic Sorcery #poem #poetry — Short Prose

Liquid shoulders touched by wings of albatrosses shiver. The occult aroma of the volcano goddess cries. A lily and a rose light candles in the dark. My pregnant soul invokes my ancestors. Ecstasy encroaches its eight hands around your naked chest. A lonely pearl looks for its shell. Tears shed in silence. Aquatic sorcery of […]

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The Miser and The Demon — Annette Rochelle Aben

Benor was walking down Slip Pike Lane at a steady pace. Anybody watching him might have noted that his stride was precise, each step exactly the same length as the last. Somebody particularly observant might have noticed that every ten paces, Benor made a mark on a piece of paper with an indelible pencil. At this point they might […]

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