“Guests from the Place Where Darkness Eats” Poetry by Jennifer Ruth Jackson

They knock... intense, insistent woodpeckers
or hopeful guests, unseen as air currents. Walls

rattle with ripples of force, door knobs unturned.
They don't need you to get up, just extend an invite:

"Yes, come in. Join me. Stay". They are easy to please
(kind words, once, will do forever). They'll never leave

and you'll no longer be alone. There's a rapping, there's
a tapping. We're all in isolation now. Will you answer?

Jennifer Ruth Jackson writes about reality’s weirdness and the plausibility of the fantastic.  Her work has appeared in Strange HorizonsStar*LineApex Magazine, and more. She runs a blog for disabled and neurodivergent creatives called The Handy, Uncapped Pen from an apartment she shares with her husband.  Visit her on Twitter:  @jenruthjackson.

Aspiring writer. Founder of the Farmington (NM) Writers Circle and the Arkansas Country Writers Circle. Currently, I have two novelettes, a poetry collection, and a few collections of short stories published on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback. Visit my Amazon author's page at amazon.com/author/philslattery for my latest works. Others are in the works.

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