“I AM THERAPIST” Poem by Levi Johnson

I am the second edge of a neurotic wedge
for which they feel so numb.
I am the squirm of all their memory worms
sprinting to outrun.
I am the squeaky sigh of unhinging minds
turned over and outdone.

I am a magic wand of a mystery beyond
free spirit that marquees.
I am the time traveller finding cracks in hell
for glorious escapees.
I am the hired hand made of shifting sand
messaging the bourgeoisie.

I am your flirtation looking for salvation
basking in the night.
I am the pulsing waves of your hollow caves
mossed with hindsight.
I am everyday and you are sponge of clay
absorbing new insights.

Levi Johnson is a psychotherapist originally influenced by his 1960s hippy experience in his hometown of San Francisco. These colorful street people sparked his career of operating inside the hearts and minds of others. His verse is a unique blend of psychology and poetry that is existential at it core. He recently published Alter Ego: Poetry for the Hidden Self for those who like to go beyond the surface.
ALTER EGO: Poetry for the Hidden Self

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