“Meet the Staff” Slide Show on Contact Page

To add a little dark humor to the website, I added a slide show called “Meet the Staff” to the bottom of the contact page. Except for yours truly, of course, these purported members of The Chamber staff are all fictional. I used a random name generator to produce the names and a little background info. I added the job titles and languages they speak and a few odds and ends otherwise. All these photos are from royalty-free, copyright-free (public domain) photos from the websites Pexels and PIxabay, from which I get most of my graphics. These are graphics I often use in posts on on the website in general. A minor side benefit is that everyone can now associate a name with the photo, and no one needs to use some convoluted description to talk about a graphic/character. Here is the slideshow I will add characters to it occasionally.

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