Poll: Changing The Chamber’s Logo

I am considering changing The Chamber’s logo from this one, whom I call Orly (picked by a random name generator) for ease of reference:


to this one, which I am calling Damnatia until I come up with something better:


Though I have always liked Orly for her stare, mysterious look, simple composition, and the unusual element of her hand as she leans against an unseen wall (which I cropped out). I can imagine that many viewers are perplexed by the hand and may not be able to see all the details that are obscured by the dark composition. Another reason is that I am acquiring business cards for The Chamber and to have Orly on them might confuse people, not having seen me, might think she is me or my daughter or wife or mistress or something. Whereas, it is fairly obvious that Damnatia is not an actual person (at least in this dimension). So, if I retain Orly for the face of The Chamber, I will use one of my own photos on the business cards.

Therefore, I am thinking of replacing Orly with Damnatia (though this image will be cropped a little), all of whose details can be seen and which has a more horrifying appearance, though the image itself is beautiful.

The final logo will appear on all Chamber publications and announcements

However, before I switch them, I want to hear what you, my readers, have to say. Let me know your thoughts. I am also taking this opportunity to experiment with the polling feature of WordPress. If you would like to share your thoughts or suggest someone else, use the “Leave a Reply” box at the bottom of the page.

I prefer to use the image of a person looking at the viewer as I feel it is more attention-gabbing than the standard logo design consisting of inanimate objects or letters. I think that a person’s face is also more memorable than the image of an object as (so I have heard) the human brain has evolved to notice and remember faces and also to capture their details. Besides, which would you prefer to view, some letters and designs as in the Amazon or Nike logos, or a person’s face?

If you think the picture of another figure on this site would be more suitable, please let me know which one.

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