Appearing in The Chamber on July 16

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Five Poems by Jack Harvey

Jack D. Harvey’s poetry has appeared in Scrivener, The Comstock Review, Valparaiso Poetry Review, Typishly Literary Magazine, The Antioch Review, The Piedmont Poetry Journal and elsewhere. The author has been a Pushcart nominee and over the years has been published in a few anthologies.

“Some Who Wander” Fiction by Doug Hawley

The author dabbles in sci fi, horror, crime, non-Hallmark romance, essay, humo(u)r, and memoir with not a trace of style or nuance published in the UK, USA, Canada, Iran, Netherlands, India, Germany, and Spain.  After actuarial work he writes, volunteers, hikes, snowshoes and collects music with editor Sharon and cat Kitzhaber in Lake Grove Oregon.

Three Flash Fiction Stories by Thomas Elson

Thomas Elson’s short stories, poetry, and flash fiction have been published in numerous venues, including Ellipsis, Better Than Starbucks, The Cabinet of Heed, Flash Frontier, Short Édition, Journal of Expressive Writing, The Selkie, The New Ulster, The Lampeter, and Adelaide. He divides his time between Northern California and Western Kansas. 

Interview with Author James Hanna

James Hanna is a retired probation officer and a former fiction editor. Due to his background, the criminal element figures strongly in much of his writing. James’ stories have appeared in over thirty journals, including Sixfold, Crack the Spine, and The Literary Review. His books, four of which have won awards, are available on Amazon.

“dream eater” Poem by Brian J. Alvarado

Brian (@brahvocado) is a Puerto-Haitian Bronxite writer and performer. His work has been featured in RiverCraft, DenimSkin, Squawk Back, Contraposition, Beliveau, Trouvaille, The Quiver, Rye Whiskey, and Cajun Mutt, among others. He holds a BA in Creative Writing from Susquehanna University.

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