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“The Binding” Fiction by Alison Kaiser

Alison Kaiser is a former associate editor of Mudfish. Her work has appeared in literary magazines such as Skidrow Penthouse, Meat for Tea: The Valley Review, and Café Lit, among others. She has work forthcoming in Yellow Mama. She lives with her husband and son in Brooklyn.

“Taxidermy Beach” Fiction by Douglas Ford

Douglas Ford’s fiction has appeared in Dark Moon DigestDiabolical PlotsTales to Terrify, along with several other small press publications. Recent work has appeared in The Best Hardcore Horror, Volumes Three and Four, and a novella, The Reattachment, appeared in 2019 courtesy of Madness Heart Press.  Other recent publications include a collection of short fiction from Madness Heart Press and a novel set to appear from D&T Publishing.

“Tic-F*******-Toc” Fiction by George Gad Economou

George Gad Economou holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy of Science and resides in Athens, Greece, doing freelance work whenever he can while searching for a new place to go. His novella, Letters to S., was published in Storylandia Issue 30 and his short stories and poems have appeared in literary magazines, such as Adelaide Literary Magazine and Modern Drunkard Magazine, and his first poetry collection, Bourbon Bottles and Broken Beds, is slated for publication in 2021 by Adelaide Books. 

“We All Fall Down” Poetry by Prithvijeet Sinha

The writer’s name is PRITHVIJEET SINHA from Lucknow, India. He is a post graduate in MPhil from the University of Lucknow, having launched his writing career by self publishing on the worldwide community Wattpad since 2015 and on his WordPress blog AN AWADH BOY’S PANORAMA besides having his works published in several varied publications as CAFE DISSENSUS, THE MEDLEY, SCREEN QUEENS, BORDERLESS JOURNAL, ASPIRING WRITERS’ SOCIETY, LOTHLORIEN POETRY JOURNAL, CHAMBER MAGAZINE, LIVE WIRE, RHETORICA QUARTERLY and in the children’s anthology NURSERY RHYMES AND CHILDREN’S POEMS FROM AROUND THE WORLD ( AuthorsPress, February 2021). His life force resides in writing.

“The Last Taste of Whiskey” Fiction by Shane Huey

Shane Huey lives in sunny South Florida with his wife and son from whence he enjoys telling honest lies with prose and penning the occasional haiku. His works have appeared in Black Poppy Review, The Chamber MagazineRaven Cage Zine, and Purple Wall Stories. Learn more at

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