Update: Marketing and Keywords etc.

Just so no one will think I have gone off the deep end: I am experimenting with keywords in order to attract a larger readership. I will be toying with how I phrase things, trying to be more specific with some ideas while experimenting with using more synonyms. For example, in describing a story, I might usually say something like: “Macbeth” Fiction by William Shakespeare. In these keyword tests, I might now phrase that as: “Macbeth” A Dark Tragedy by William Shakespeare or “Macbeth” A Tragic Tale by William Shakespeare.

Another thing I am testing is using a larger font. I tested a Search Engine Optimizer recently and one suggestion it had for me was that the font I use is too small. I checked the websites of several well-known literary websites and I found that they do indeed use a larger font and generally have more blank space on their pages. I am limited by the fonts that WordPress offers, so the size I chose might be a little too big, but I will try it out for a while.

Let me know what you think of the changes and please feel free to comment or offer suggestions.

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    • Yes, as much as I can get them into it. I am not certain if I can set the default for the entire website to a certain size or if I have to do it for each post, but I am starting to ease into this.

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