“Laci Peterson Addresses Her Son Connor in the Courtroom” Poetry by Paul David Adkins

            Hello! Good morning!	
I am how I am. And you?

Don’t ask.

There are beautiful things 
to think about.
Up there’s the sky;
down there, the sea.

We can stay right here,
wherever you want.
We can sleep late, go to bed at midnight:
you tell me.

So, explain your dream.
I heard you crying. Later, you laughed.

Where was I? You had to ask.

I was the sky itself, the water,
the half-moon sickle
sweeping the bay.


Paul David Adkins lives in Northern NY. He served in the US Army from 1991-2013. Recently, he earned a MA in Writing and The Oral Tradition from The Graduate Institute, Bethany, CT. He spends his days either counseling soldiers or teaching college students in a NY state correctional facility.

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