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“The Midnight Mountain” (Part 1 of 2) Dark Social Realism by Chad Hindman

David Chad Hindman is an attorney and public defender in Nashville, TN. Besides writing and his family, he is committed to the struggle for equal justice, compassion, and dignity for all on a daily basis. His work has previously been published in Eclectica Magazine.  

“The Lot” Dark Supernatural Fiction by A.J. Britz

A.J. Britz grew up in Ireland and currently lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with his wife Sarah. In 2012, he received the Emerging Writer Award from the University of Chicago. He is the recipient of a Truman Capote Fellowship from the University of Alabama, and his work has most recently appeared in The Honest Ulsterman.

“How to Get Rid of a Ghost in Five Steps with Pictures” Dark Humor by Elly McFadden

Elly McFadden (MA, English, University of South Carolina) teaches online writing courses and recently had a piece of micro fiction published in the online journal 50-Word Stories. She lives in Denver, North Carolina with her husband and two children. In her spare time, she walks her dog, plays golf, and contemplates mortality.

“The Man” Dark Fiction by Abigail Plitt

Bio forthcoming.


“No Mercy for the Little Snakes” Dark Fiction by Kim Harrison

Ms. Harrison notes: “I live and write in Victoria, Canada.  Many of my stories are inspired by the years I worked as the teacher at a Forensic Psychiatric Hospital.  My blog spot is here: . “

“Two Ways to Self-Destruction” Dark Fiction by Jimmy Webb

Jimmy is a short story and poetry writer who is also working on his first novel. He has work published in various journals and anthologies, and has been on the winners list in Henshaw Press competition, and Essex Book Festival Story Hunters Project. He can be found in the Twitterverse using Jimmy​_san

“Dr Liu & Her Box of Memories” Dark Fiction by Dan Sands

Dan Sands is a writer based in Ireland. Writing primarily in the genres of fantasy, historical fiction, magical realism, science fiction and horror, he one day hopes to publish a full novel. He is also a published poet who writes in both the English and Irish languages. His Twitter handle is @UdarUaillmianac

“Castle Winterdrecht” Dark, Supernatural Fiction by Lisa Voorhees

Lisa notes: “A Jersey girl at heart, when I’m not writing, I’m usually listening to hard rock, bouldering, or sipping amaretto sours. Before I started writing novels, I earned my doctorate in veterinary medicine from Tufts University.”

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