New Back Issues Page

The Chamber now has a page for back issues. A link to it will be on the home page and will be the photo above. You will also be able to find it by simply going to the menu at the top of the page.

Within the last month, The Chamber has developed a new way of formatting issues by reverting to something more like the traditional magazine style. Click on the issue’s cover and you will go to a table of contents consisting of list to the latest stories and poems. Now all the past covers can be found on the back issues page so that anyone can search the issues and read the stories and poems as they were grouped when they came out, just like going to a library and picking up back issues of a magazine.

Because this is a recent development, only the three latest issues have this feature. The covers of previous issues will be shown but there will be no links to the associated stories and poems, though a few will take you to a quotation. Of course, as time goes by, this page will become increasingly useful.

The Chamber hopes you enjoy this new feature.

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