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“The Text” Dark Flash Fiction by Christy Byrd

Christy Byrd (she/her) is a current student at Full Sail University where she is working on her Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing. She also holds an Associate’s degree in Biomedical Science. When she’s not writing, she is relaxing in her NJ home with her husband, dog (Starfire), and cat (Raven).

“Momma’s Boy” Dark Fiction by Ryan Thomas LaBee

Ryan (He/Him) is an English/Creative writing Graduate from Missouri State University. He is a published photographer, filmmaker, and writer. His work has appeared in publications such as Dark Beauty, Rising Model Magazine, Lunar Magazine, and the upcoming anthology Writing Lifeworlds: An Anthology of Creative Nonfiction. He is the founder and editor-in-chief of the genre publication Pyre Magazine. Ryan resides with his wife, two daughters, and their two dogs in Nixa, Missouri.

“The Modified Man” Dark Science-Fiction by Joseph B. Cleary

Joseph B. Cleary grew up in Westfield, NJ and now lives in the Scotch Plains NJ. He has a degree in Business Administration with a minor in English. He is employed as a substitute teacher in Scotch Plains and works as a utility man for CBS and Fox sports. He is currently writing short stories while he tries to sell his first novel. He enjoys spending time at his shore house with his significant other and his dog Dilly and going to concerts. His work has been published in a number of literary journals and anthologies, including, Talking River Review, Children Churches and Daddies, The Prison Compendium, as well as other ones.

“Love is Forever” Dark, Supernatural Fiction by Brian Klingborg

BRIAN KLINGBORG has both a B.A. (University of California, Davis) and an M.A. (Harvard) in East Asian Studies and spent years living and working in Asia. He currently works in early childhood educational publishing and lives in New York City. Klingborg is also the author of Kill Devil Falls.

“The Stain” Lovecraftian Fiction by Damir Salkovic

Damir is the author of the sci-fi thriller Kill Zone, the occult mystery Always Beside You, and short stories featured in multiple horror and speculative fiction magazines and anthologies, including the Lovecraft eZine, Martian Migraine Press, and Scare Street’s Night Terrors series. He lives in Virginia with his wife and his feline writing assistant. An auditor by trade and traveler by heart, he does his best writing on cruise ships, thirty-plus thousand feet in the air, and in the terminals of far-flung airports. He can be contacted at

“The Auctioneer’s Daughter” Dark Poetry by Olga Alexandra

Bio pending.

“The Seven-Horsed Chariot” Dark, Legendary Fiction by Hareendran Kallinkeel

Hareendran Kallinkeel writes from Kerala, India, after a stint of 15 years in a police organization and five years in the Special Forces. He reads for Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shores and is also a Staff Reviewer for Haunted MTL Magazine. His recent publications include The Pennsylvania Literary Journal, Bryant Literary Review of Bryant University, The Chamber Magazine, and El Portal Journal of Eastern New Mexico University, among several others. His fiction is forthcoming in 34 Orchard, Pennsylvania Literary Journal, and Untenured Journal. His fiction has been nominated for Pushcart Prize and he is also a finalist of the Best of the Net-2020.

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