The Saturday Night Special: Circle – Dark Clubbing/ Bass House/ Cyberpunk Megamix

All music videos are collected under the Dark Music playlist on The Chamber’s YouTube channel.

I am going to take this Saturday Night Special thing a little farther and push it a little closer to the clubbing experience by now offering, along with the music, videos on making cocktails. After all, what’s a night on the town without cocktails? The channels/bartenders will vary, but this is clubbing, going from one club to the next, one bartender to the next, each weekend new clubs, new bartenders. The bartending shows are ones I watch frequently and that I find entertaining. If I were barhopping still, these would be the bartenders I would visit most regularly and chat with at the beginning of happy hour when people are starting to arrive or at the end of the night, when everyone is staggering out, the staff is cleaning and straightening the tables, and the bartender comes over the loudspeaker to say, “you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.”

As I progress with the Saturday Night Special, I will add new combinations of videos to try to bring it ever closer to virtual night of clubbing and barhopping without the nasty hangover on Sunday morning.

And while you are on your way back to your car at the end of the night, you stop for a while to look out over the city and contemplate where you go from here…for tonight and with your life.

You’re a writer, you can take the story from here.

Before you go, check out The Chamber’s Bookshop and check out these cyberpunk favorites.

Hasta luego. Drive safe.

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