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The Saturday Night Special: Music for Rituals and Shamanic Journeys

All dark music videos can be found on the Dark Music playlist on The Chamber’s YouTube channel.

Let’s kick up the party a little and celebrate Walpurgisnacht (April 30- May 1) with Faun (from Germany).

I don’t know of any drink that shamans would have enjoyed, so I’ll go with the closest I can think of: Viking libations or drinks named for vikings or something viking-related (maybe).

I have no idea where these guys obtained a recipe for a screaming viking (they probably concocted it themselves), but here is a much simpler, alternative recipe that you can probably make easily out of stuff you have in your house tonight. I happen to have these ingredients at home tonight, so I will give it a shot.

Now take this opportunity to head out into forest to your special place and commune with nature.

Enjoy. Until next week…

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