“Ferry Ride” Dark Fiction by Alan Catlin
“Peppermint Candy” Dark Fiction by James Mulhern
Three Dark Poems by Peter Michael Bush: “Fear in the Eyes of the Crocodile”, “First…Serial…Rites”, and “Blood in the Sycamores”
“You Monster” Horror by Janelle Chambers
“Speakers” Dark Fiction by Patrick R. Wilson
“A Saga of Blasphemy” Dark Fiction by Hareendran Kallinkeel
“Like Moths to a Flame” Dark Fiction by Cecilia Kennedy
“In My Heart There Stirs a Quiet Pain” Dark Fiction by Kate Bergquist
“Act 1, Scene1” Dark Poetry by Prithvijeet Sinha
“Interrogation” Dark Horror by Damir Salkovic
“Little Bunny Foo Foo” Dark Fiction by Tre Luna
“His Heart’s Desire” Horror by N.D. Coley
“Fathers & Sons” Dark Fiction by Andre P. Audette
“Two Beds, One Room” Dark Fiction by Angel Polanco
Three Darkly Humorous Poems by K.A. Williams: “Lunch at the Lake”, “Cal and Kay”, and “Night Caller”
“The Hangings” a Dark, Futuristic Parody by James Hanna
“Flowers in the Woods” Dark Sudden Fiction by Anita Joy Balraj
“Office Friends” Dark Psychological Fiction by Pauline Chow

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