The Saturday Night Special: Party like a Mongolian Motorcycle Gang!

A couple of weeks ago, we visited South Korea, now let’s return to Asia and swing north to modern Ulaanbaatar for a Mongolian heavy metal concert!

The morning after the Hu concert you find yourself wandering dazed but pumped on the streets of the capitol, Ulaanbaatar. Here is the language and a few of the people and sights you might encounter.

A little later, you encounter this lady who tells you more about the Mongolian language than you ever thought you would know.

You and she decide it is time for some day-drinking. You make some new friends and you all decide to go somewhere to try the traditional Mongolian milk vodka (but somehow your linguist friend is sadly left behind):

Not really happy with traditional Mongolian alcohol, you decide to find something more to your taste and happen upon an American bar with an American cocktail named for Mongolia (though, of course, it really has nothing to do with Mongolia).

You like the American idea of a Mongolian cocktail and spend the rest of the day drinking it by the liter and experiencing the cyberpunk side of Ulaanbaatar.

After an intense night, you decide it is time to chill until you catch your flight back to the states and head out into the Mongolian backcountry to relax and let that god-awful milk vodka work its way out of your system.

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