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“Billy the Killer and Martha Jean” Horror by Rachel Brands
“Ghost” Dark Poetry by June Allyn Johnson
“No Rose without Thorns” Flash Horror by Madeleine D’Este
Two Dark Poems by Travis Black: “May My Sorrows Comfort Me in my Time of Need” and “The Sound of a Train in the Distance”
“Teddy Bear” Dark Poetry by A.N. Rose
“The Feverish Fast of Albert Drach” Dark, Surreal Microfiction by Karin Kutlay
“Quetzalcoatl Comet” Dark, Historical Fiction by Titus Green
“Last Call at the Divina Comedia” Dark, Hyper-Real Fiction by Alan Catlin
“Finding Shadows in the Fire” Dark, Historical Fiction by R.P. Serin
“12 Items or Less” Dark Fiction by Kay Summers
“Bloodsucker” Dark Supernatural Fiction by Mehnaz Sahibzada
“All’s Over, Then” Horror by Gershon Ben-Avraham
“Night” Dark Fiction by Amita Basu
“Tea with Nanna” Dark Fiction by B.C. Nance
“It Wasn’t My Fault” Dark Fiction by Joseph Buckley
Special Feature–“Son of Abyss”: discographic debut of multifaceted duo Abisso

The Next Issue Appears July 1

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