The Saturday Night Special: A Trip to Margaritaville!

(The life of a writer can be a lonely and solitary existence at times, so I make these little YouTube adventures so those of us working on our novels and stories on a Saturday night can have a little color in our quiet lives. Each week I bring the writer to another night spot in some far-off land and try to create a story of the experience. These usually consist of one or two music videos, an ambience video of a night club or bar, and recipes for the local cocktails. I try to give the visitor as much of the experience of sampling the night life in a location as I can. These adventures vary widely in their make-up and locales, so take a look at the previous trips to sample the experiences.)

With summer barreling at us like an out of control cargo ship, it’s time to take the pressure off with a trip to one of my favorite locations: Margaritaville! We start off with a concert by the man himself:

The next morning we head to the beach for a day of first class chilling.

For a break from the sun, we then head to the cool shade of a seaside bar.

There we get the bartender to share his favorite margarita recipes.

By sheer luck, we happen to run into Jimmy himself and he gives us the background for what one of his his most popular and earliest songs. Then we head to the airport for the next flight home.

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