Newsflash: Another Change Coming

As of July 1, instead of publishing individual stories and poems to its blog, The Chamber will publish its contents page, which will have a link to each story, poem, and article. Therefore, each story will still be distributed as always to as many social media as possible.
The reason behind this change is that The Chamber’s content is growing. It is now The Chamber’s goal to publish at least 40,000 words of short fiction in each issue (poems and flash fiction will not be included in this 40,000). This means there will be about twenty or more works published in each issue. If The Chamber continues to send out individual stories and poems to its blog, every month each of The Chamber’s followers would receive a burst of about twenty or more emails in their inbox. The Chamber does not wish to inconvenience its followers like this, so stories and poems will no longer be published in the blog. But with a modified Contents page being published, a link to each work will still go out via the same distribution channels as always. No one’s distribution should be affected.
What is published via the homepage will not be affected. Everyone will still be able to open the cover and go directly to whatever work they desire.
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