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From Exemplore: Hikers “Lured” Off Path in Woods See a Transparent Thing Hunting Them

For those of you who keep up with The Chamber’s new department “The Saturday Night Special”, you know that on June 25, the story of the night was Ambrose Bierce’s “The Damned Thing” about a man in the wilderness who is stalked by something invisible, possibly an invisible cougar.

Interestingly, today (July 6) an article appeared in Exemplore about hikers who wandered off a path in the San Bernadino National Forest east of Los Angeles and found they were being stalked by a transparent, human-like being who stayed in the tree tops. They immediately ran off and quickly found themselves back on their original trail.

What this transparent thing was or was doing is anyone’s guess, if it was an actual creature. Some have suggested aliens or a spirit or any number of things. My guess is the hikers were probably having a hallucination rooted in dehydration and fatigue and maybe a touch of folie a deux.

Nonetheless, it does make for an interesting footnote to the Ambrose Bierce tale.

Phil Slattery, Publisher

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