Now Taking Submissions for the October 7 Issue!

The Chamber Magazine: Contemporary Dark Fiction and Poetry is now taking submissions for the October 7 issue.

The Chamber is now taking submissions for the October 7 issue. Halloween-related material is welcome but not required to submit. Please have your submission in before October 1. Be sure to include the genre and/or subgenre of your work in your cover letter along with the word count and a bio of approximately fifty words or less.

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2 thoughts on “Now Taking Submissions for the October 7 Issue!

  1. Unbreakable

    Discretely slipping away, one small step at a time, each face, representing a reflection of the moon, bare with depth that defies the ages, fade away and be resurrected in the image of Gods, characters cover the faces of the deranged, out of sight, out of mind, easily forgotten, dismissed

    Guilty pleasures abound, reminding me of my place, United against the narrative, borrowed from tomorrow, bringing back the old mentality, mirrors deceiving me, not the reflection I remember, brought about by the lack of realism and the resistance to action, pull the sword from the stone and embrace your fate, unfounded enthusiasm for works done

    I am nobody and no one all at once, I exist to disguise the rules of existence, to defy time as a means to determine my relevance, broken backs and mutilation of self is in some way responsible for those that impede this progression, face made of clay, always changing, who am I to drink the cosmos and transform

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