“Happy Again” Dark Flash Fiction by Kyelar Engen

"Happy Again" Dark Flash Fiction by Kyelar Engen

A trail of crimson blood slowly ran down Jonathan’s arm as he dug the needle into the crux of his arm, his eyes quivering in its silvery reflection. He inhaled deeply, the stench of cigarettes and sweat lingering in the air. He leaned back in his leather recliner, the frigid liquid from the needle creeping into his bloodstream. The floor shuddered beneath his feet, as the front door slammed shut. It echoed faintly through Jonathan’s brain, his body floating like a cloud, full of bliss. Unfortunately, it was cut short by the sharp pitch of Jackie’s voice.

“Oh you’ve got to be shitting me,” she said, “Are you seriously getting ‘happy’ again, Jon?”

“Nahh, of course not,” Jonathan said, “Wha’d make ya say that-at?” He grinned goofily as he slugglishy moved his arm to cover the needle from sight.

“Don’t even bother.” Jackie said as she started walking across the room, her shoes crunching on empty fast food wrappers. She grabbed Jonathan’s arm and threw it aside as he began to giggle, his eyes swimming with happiness. She cursed under her breath as she yanked the needle out of his arm. Dark blood mixed with the creamy white drug spurted out, splattering her magenta skirt.

“Aw, c’mon on-nn” Jonathan groaned. He tried shoving her away, but the drug tightened its hold on him as he started to slip from consciousness. He shook his head, trying to stay awake.

“Honestly Jon, I’m getting sick of this,’’ Jackie said, “I’m not gonna marry someone who’s gonna kill themselves.” She ran the needle back and forth between her fingers, the syringe tapping against her engagement ring. Jackie turned and walked back across the room entering the kitchen. The slight whoosh of water from the sink rattled out.

Jonathan groaned as he pushed himself up from his chair. He stumbled across the room, slamming into the wall on the opposite side. Jackie came rushing out of the kitchen, needle still in hand.

“What the hell are you doing?” she said, as she tried to steady him. He took this opportunity in stride, snatching the needle out of her hand.

“I need it!” Jonathan said, as he stabbed it into his arm again.

“No!” Jackie said, reaching for the needle, but Jonathan pushed her aside. His eyes once filled with dopey happiness, held a maniacal glint. She watched in disgust as he stroked the needle, collapsing back into his chair. Euphoria once again started to spread throughout his body. He grinned at her, still on the floor. Jackie rose, her body trembling. Jonathan kept smiling at her as more of the drug filled his veins. He loved this feeling, this wonderful substance.

“I’m done with you!” she screamed as she yanked her ring off and threw it on the floor. She stomped across the room and swung the door open with so much force it shook the entire apartment. Jonathan chuckled and slowly followed her outside, pocketing the ring. Rain drizzled down, chilling his bones. He gave a slight whistle and three people shuffled in from the shadows. Ripped, ragged clothes that dripped with water hung from their bodies. Their bare feet scraped against the ground, leaving bloody streaks. Jonathan giggled as the three of them pulled worn needles out of their pockets and jammed them into their arms. The milky drug filled their blood and they laughed uncontrollably. The mad sounds only increased in volume as they sprinted towards Jackie, Jonathan in the lead. As she unlocked her car, she heard the wet slaps of shoes against the asphalt. She tried to throw open the door, but she was too slow. They grabbed her, restraining her against the hood of the car. Jonathan came forward stroking her hair, as she thrashed wildly about. She tried to scream but the druggies covered her mouth and held strong. He took the ring out of his pocket and forced it back on Jackie’s hand. Like it should be.

“Ssshhhh,” Jonathan said, “You’ll be happy again soon.” One of the druggies passed him a needle. He pushed on the plunger and watched the milky liquid drip out. Jackie gazed up in fear, her eyes brimming with tears. She caught a glance of more people approaching, their eyes filled with the same insane happiness.

“Happy again.”

“Happy again.” “Happy again.” She heard them chanting and Jonathan kept smiling. She flinched as he drove the needle into her neck. Jonathan waited with baited breath for her to be happy again.

Kyelar Engen is a 21 year old fantasy writer who grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. Starting as a kid onwards he loved reading fantasy and science fiction novels. Becoming inspired by them but not having the confidence to pursue it, he chose instead to join the Air Force at the age 19. However shortly after arriving at his first base, he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It mainly affects his legs rendering him in a wheelchair. In the next few months, he went through physical therapy to learn how to walk again. He then got discharged from the Air Force and decided to pursue his writing career. He is now enrolled in college pursuing a Creative Writing degree and developing his own fantasy series. 

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