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Short Fiction

“Garden of Moths” Dark Fiction by Colt Fry

“Hurdy-Gurdy” Horror by Billy Stanton

“Mentone” Supernatural, Psychological Thriller by Sjoerd van Wijk

Things Have Been Strange Around Here” Psychological Horror by Amelia Slater

“Mr. Fate” Horror by Billy Stanton

“The Dare” Dark Fiction by Kate Bergquist

“Cat People” Urban Horror by K.C. Callender

“Ryan O’Shaughnessy Battles an Ape” Dark Urban Fiction by James Hanna

Flash Fiction

Three Works of Flash Fiction by Conor Barnes: “The Dream Eater”, “The Duel”, and “Void”

“Safe Space” Dark Flash Fiction by Alan Caldwell

“Just a Phase” Dark Flash Fiction by Alan Caldwell


Two Dark Poems by Joseph A. Farina: “syndrome” and “skid noir”

“The Uncanny Resurrection of Tellurian Scenes” Dark, Surrealistic Poetry by Ashleigh Genus

Five Dark Poems by Meg Smith:  “Offleash Werewolf Park”, “Maxime”, “Backstairs Ghost”, “The Crocodile, Unbound”, and “The Incorruptible”

“A Skeleton’s Toast” Dark Poem by Thomas White

“Getting Ready to Stalk the Living” Dark Poem by A.J. Huffman

Three Dark Poems by John Tustin: “The Room is Yellow”, “Spitted Nails”, and “Stigmata Blood”

Three Dark Poems by Stephanie Smith: “Breeding”, “The Dance”, and “Thorns”

The Next Issue Appears November 4

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