The Strange and Dark and Beautiful


Short Fiction

“After Hours” Dark Fiction by Alan Catlin

“Mona” Dark Romance by Vladislav Ceperkovic

“Beefeater” Dark Western Fiction by Joshua Mertz

“Pay at the Pump” Dark Fiction by Kay Summers

“Wake Up” Dark Fiction by Alejandro Gonzales

“Siren of Souls” Dark Fantasy by Felicia Change

“The Power of the Pale God Compels You” Dark Science Fiction by Joe Jablonski

“Hartway & Burrough” Cosmic Horror and Satire by Samuel Bostwick

“Those Small Towns” Dark Fiction by Randy Zuniga

“Anatomy of Ruin” Apocalyptic Semi-Horror Existential Comedy by Stacey E. Bryan

“Dime Novel” Dark Western by Kenneth Schalhoub

“Shadow Dance” Dark Fiction by Dylan Webster

Flash Fiction

“The Last Vampire” Dark Flash Fiction by Roly Andrews

“Stained Snow” Dark Flash Fiction by Townsend Walker

“The Last Tweet” Dark Flash Fiction by Ellis Shuman


Two Dark Poems by Pat Tyrer: “Anxiety of Guilt” and “Name Unspoken”

“HAD YOU LOVED ME” Dark Poetry by Morgan Phaneuf

“We Know the Devil’s Name” Dark Speculative Fiction/ Horror Poetry by Andrew Leonard

“Tale of Misery” Dark Poetry by Sammy Anderson

The Next Issue Appears January 6, 2023

The Chamber Magazine Cover, January 6, 2023
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