The January Issue of The Chamber Magazine is Out.

Note: three new stories are also up at Rural Fiction Magazine as of January 6.


Short Fiction

“On the Corner of Cedar and Washington” Dark Fiction by Diane Lee

“Drive-By Mourning” Dark Fiction by Patricia Ann Bowen

“Mortifying Enmeshment” Dark Science-Fiction by Zary Fekete

“Red Orphan” Dark Science-Fiction by Kyle Brandon Lee

“Fruits” Dark Fiction by James Hanna

“Wolf Trap” Horror by Carl Peters

“Night Shift” Dark, Psychological Fiction by Lori Lamothe

“Face of an Angel” Horror by Kate Bergquist

“Devouring” Horror by Patrick McEvoy

“Myrtle” Dark Fiction by Austin J. Fowler

“Rendition” Dark Fiction by Jan Cronos

“Dark Encounter” Horror by Jan Cronos

“Doppelganger” Dark Fantasy by Jon Wesick

Flash Fiction

“How to Become a Butterfly Martian” Dark Flash Fiction by Jeniya Mard


Two Dark Poems by Joseph Farina: “dream trek” and “requiem nativitatis”

Three Dark Poems by Damon Hubbs: the night has a thousand eyes; drive, just drive; and if it’s a crime story

“The Pit” Dark Poetry by Bindi Lavelle

The Next Issue Appears February 6, 2023


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