The Latest Issue of The Chamber Magazine is Out.

The Chamber Magazine: Contemporary Dark Fiction and Poetry--The Strange and Dark and Beautiful
  • Fiction
    • “Unknown Worlds” Horror by Patrick McEvoy
    • “Making Ends Meat” Dark Fiction by Philip Finkelstein
    • “There but for the Beasts” Dark, Psychological Fiction by David Connor
    • “To Drive a Spirit In” Supernatural Dark Fiction by Aly Rusciano
    • “Frost” Horror by Dena Linn
    • “The Rtist” Dark Fiction by Karris Rae
    • “The Integration of Noah Bloom” Horror by Lexie Garcia
    • “Legacy” Dark, Supernatural Fiction by Evan Kaiser
    • “The Face in the Mirror” Horror by Z.F. Douglas
    • “The Tap Room” Dark Fiction by James W. Morris
    • “The Flat Share” Dark, Supernatural Fiction by J.L. Corbett
  • Flash Fiction
    • “Lover” Dark Flash Horror by Alan Caldwell
    • “Truth Reigns in the Dark” Surreal Dark Flash Fiction by Marie-Louise McGuinness
  • Poetry
    • Three Dark Poems by Jon Humphreys: “I, Phone”, “William”, and “Muse”

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