Call for Submissions of Fiction, Poetry, Reviews, Interviews, and Essays

Call for Submissions of Fiction, Poetry, Reviews, Interviews, and Essays, The Chamber Magazine

The Chamber Magazine wants to publish short, dark fiction and poetry of any and all genres from around the world, as well as book reviews and critical and personal essays.

The Chamber is seeking include, but are not limited to: horror, dystopian, fantasy, grimdark, action-adventure, suspense/ thriller, literary, science-fiction, historical, mystery/ crime, noir, romance, Western, experimental, cyberpunk, steampunk, weird fiction, gothic/ goth, general, creepypastas, humor or of any combination of the above.

The maximum length for works of fiction is 7,500 words.

For poetry, the maximum length is 40 lines.

The primary criterion is that your work must be in English. It can be a translation from your native language, but a translation must accompany it in English for maximum exposure around the globe.

For more information on what I am accepting and on the submissions guidelines, please go to my submissions page.

Please note that there is no pay for this other than a publication credit and exposure to the English-speaking markets. However, all rights remain with the author.

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