The March Issue of The Chamber Magazine is Out.

The March Issue of The Chamber Magazine is Out., The Chamber Magazine

    The Chamber Magazine

    Short Fiction

    “The Armoires” Horror by Dylan Nicholson

    “The Devil in the Pear Tree” Flash Horror by Joanna Theiss

    “HMO” Social-Realist-Horror by Billy Stanton

    “Sleigh Bed” Psychological Horror by Heather Webb

    “Frozen in Time” Horror by Alec Glisson

    “Fragile Guts” Dark Science-Fiction/ Fantasy by Caleb Coomer

    “Void with Teeth” Dark Science Fiction by Dan Dellechiaie

    “The Frisk Whispers” Ghost Story by Mansi Rathore

    “L’Inconnue de La Seine” Horror by Chloe Spector

    “East, Sleep, Repeat” Horror by Sarah Muldowney

    “Gold Dust Woman” Surreal Horror by Elizabeth J. Wenger

    “Archon Fugue” Dark Fantasy-Horror by Titus Green

    “The Brownstone” Horror by Rhema Sayers

    “Emerald Palace” Horror by S. Eamma

    “Household Gods” Horror by Josh Hanson

    Flash Fiction

    “To Be a Butterfly” Horror/Thriller by N.V. Devlin

    “Grinny: Free to a Good Home” Monster Tale/Micro Horror by Douglas Gwilym

    “Feminine Growl” Horror Microfiction by Madison Randolph

    “Dispassionate” Dark Fiction by Joseph Townsend


    “Late Night Recitation” Dark Poetry by Thomas Piekarski

    Dark Poem by Alistair Thaw

    Two Poems by Jay Horan: “i sustain i engrain i heal from the pain” and “a-people”

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