The April issue of The Chamber is out!

The Chamber Magazine publishes the strange and dark and beautiful of today’s short fiction and poetry on the first Friday of each month to readers around the world. There is no charge for this magazine. The Chamber is open for submissions 24/7/365. Submit via


Short Fiction

“Foot of Thy Womb” Surreal Fiction by Gretchen Gormley

“Medah’s Revenge” Dark Western by Gary Thomson

“Roots” Horror by Alan Caldwell

“The Mask” Dark Fiction by Jim Tritten

“The Crone of Cader Idris” Supernatural Thriller by Victoria Male

“Megaphagia” Horror by Marie Brown

“Second-hand Skin” Dark Fantasy by Susan Oke

“I Hear the Lowing of the Cattle” Psychological Horror by Greg Gentry

“The Hardships of Keeping Decay at Bay” Fantasy/Horror by Barlow Crassmont

Flash Fiction

“Turaple” Flash Sci-fi/Horror by Chloe Lawrence

“Falstaff” Dark Flash Fiction by Richard Stimac

“Overnight Sanctuary” Flash Fantasy by Jose Soler-Ramirez

“Cherries and Cigarettes” Dark Flash Fiction by Sela Calacsan

“Hunter’s Moon” Supernatural Flash Fiction by Mike Lee


Three Dark Poems by Sinead McGuigan: “Death”, “Solitude”, and “Vultures”

“reflection” Dark Poem by Stephen House

Four Dark Poems by Rp Verlaine: “I had cashed my check”, “Full Time Trouble”,” For Marilyn Monroe”, and “Alluring Poison”

“Words and Guns” Dark Poetry by Njeri Wangari

Three Dark Poems by Kushal Poddar: “An Ode to Nothing”, “The First Blood”, and “You Know These are Questionable Truths”

“Titanic Blast” Dark Poem by Thomas Piekarski

Three Dark Poems by Sarah Das Gupta: “Dead Quiet”, “Night Voices”, and “OUT OF THE SEA”

The Next Issue Appears May 5, 2023

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