Three Dark Poems by Sinead McGuigan: “Death”, “Solitude”, and “Vultures”


You were death 
cold and silent 
a staring Medusa 
a heart of stone
kissing my eyes (blinded)

You were death
roaring loudly 
an aegis shield
a clouded mind
drowning my breath (suffocated)

You were death 
inciteful and hissing 
a fire to the deities 
a flame of humanity 
branding my flesh  (burning)

You were death 
invisible and crying 
a passage to hades
a helmet of thoughts 
bleeding my veins   (dying)

You were death 
a journeying breeze
a sleeping  dawn 
a keeper of winds
devouring my body  (passing)

I am dust
scattered through air 
lamenting my soul
falling into your aching arms  (dreaming)


I am lost to this world, where
light reflects human form.
I have travelled beyond reality into
a mirage of shadows.
Encased in fear, dark forces hold me fast,
My struggles are in vain.

I am lost to this world, where 
hearts beat in a human frame.
My vitality lost, coldness instils, for
blood no longer flows to vessels.
A savage force tears me apart, 
stagnant pools of sanguine now lie. 
I am lost alone without a heart.

I am lost to this world, 
where intimate touch triggers hope.
Where sensations bind human hands 
in synaptic connection, my tears now 
fall as crystal droplets.
Tears shredding moments of life, 
frozen upon porcelain skin.

Haunted scenes hold me in a shrine,
I strain to see past the quiet.
I am lost to this world, 
where angels have left me 
in solitude and dark.


I'm cut from the earth,
Yet rooted in madness
Straining to protect a world
Caught inside graves of greed

Lands forlorn weep
Struggling in a world of fire 
Vultures of wisdom fly in darkness 
Where everything dies

A bird dropped some eyes into
A fragile human mind 
Planting seeds into hands to
Create the trees of life

The stronghold, the bark shudders 
A world encased in illusion
Winds of change unravelling 
Leaves into open minds 

Take my eyes to a higher plain 
Wash toxic tears from our lands
Seasons burning, a swift deliverance 
Shedding reasons into spiralling eyes

I'm cut from the earth
Bold and beautiful 
Fragile under a cracked sky 
Don't let me sleep again 
Screeching vulture's cry

Uncaged days lament 
Darkness complete 
We to need to survive 
Falling ashes of our lives

Sinead is an Irish poet who explores the human condition through surrealism and dark imagery. Sinead has had many poems published in magazines and also has two solo collections self published. She has a loyal following on Instagram @sineadmcgpoetry where you can also see her love for artwork and music.

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