“Titanic Blast” Dark Poem by Thomas Piekarski

Inane ambition perpetrated
by scoundrels injecting evil
into the body politic
needs to be obliterated.

Oppenheimer’s ghost
is toast of the town,
comes and goes 
exactly as it pleases.

Coastal cliffs crack off,
victims of cold rain,
although in two months 
high heat will cause pain.

Intolerable solutions
that defy evolution
are here to stay
no matter what we say.

It’s as if rogue weasels
mate with boll weevils
destroying cotton crops
while the public wanes.

Merwin’s drunk
escapes his furnace,
stumbles down the street,
gets arrested for vagrancy.

Longing after Thoth
just adds to the loss,
and embalming but delays
inevitable decay.

With nothing left to steal
they were still insecure
so looked to the sky
for some God to deify.

We’re strapped to a wheel
whirling infinitely fast,
undeterred, spurred
by the titanic blast.

Thomas Piekarski is a former editor of the California State Poetry Quarterly. His poetry has appeared in such publications as The Journal, Poetry Salzburg, Modern Literature, The Museum of Americana, South African Literary Journal, and Home Planet News. His books of poetry are Ballad of Billy the Kid, Monterey Bay Adventures, Mercurial World, and Aurora California.


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