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As an experiment, I have decided to no longer post individual stories and poems to the blog page. I have been afraid that with as many stories and poems as each issue has, to have so many be published at once will clog up people’s feeds and make it long and tiresome to move through the blog page.

Having them post individually is also redundant in a couple of ways. First, all the stories and poems are already posted to the home page. Then they are then copied and posted on the Dark Stories, Dark Flash Fiction, or Dark Poetry pages. Second, they are already posted to the blog by having links on the Contents page which goes out to the blog.

I hope that doing this will free up a lot of space for readers and will keep posts from filling up inboxes or feeds needlessly.

If, however, you prefer that I keep posting the individual stories to the blog, please let me know. If enough readers object, I will return to posting each story/poem to the blog.


Phil Slattery


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    • That’s very true. I hadn’t thought of that. I am still thinking of old-school magazines that were mailed to houses, which I try to emulate in some ways with The Chamber and which are often my inspriration. But a link is a great idea. Thanks.

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