The Chamber Magazine publishes the strange and dark and beautiful of today’s short fiction and poetry on the first Friday of each month to readers around the world. There is no charge for this magazine. The Chamber is open for submissions 24/7/365. Submit via

The Chamber Magazine: the strange and dark and beautiful of today's short fiction and poetry.


Short Fiction

“Finding a Home for a Rescue Man” Dark Fiction by Mike Neis

“The Royal National Deadboat Institution” Dark Fiction by P.J. Brown

“Ro-Langs” Horror by Val Votrin

“To the Ground” Dark Fiction by Patricia Mariel

“The Last Train Home” Dark Supernatural Fiction by Storm Lomax

“Already Lost” Dark Fiction by Gershon Ben-Avraham

“Children of Sin” Dark Fiction by Nick Guthry

“Memorex” Dark Literary Fiction by Leah Erickson

“Wormwood” Dark Historical Fiction by E.C. Traganas

“The Steel Tomb” Horror by Ricardo D. Rebelo

“Bedguard” Horror by Josiah Furcinitti

“Window” Dark Science-Fiction by M.P. Strayer

Flash Fiction

“Kids” Dark Mythology-Based Flash Fiction by Sophie G.

“Restoration” Grimdark Flash Fiction by Louis Kummerer

“Once Upon a Body” Dark Micro-Fiction by Jamie Seibel

“The First Breakfast” Dark Micro-Fiction by Margaret K. Long


“because we can” Dark Poetry by Joe Farina

“Ode to a Robot Lover” Dark Sci-fi Poetry by David Newkirk

Two Dark Poems by Marcus Whalbring: “The Man in Our Basement” and “There’s a Strange Light Coming from CVS Tonight”

“slow” Dark Poetry by Suzanne Kelsey

“Eumenides” Dark Verse by Michael Mina


“The Otherness of Poetry” Essay by Thomas White

The Next Issue Appears June 2, 2023

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