“Ode to a Robot Lover” Dark Sci-fi Poetry by David Newkirk

Robot about to kill a woman, illustration for "Ode to a Robot Lover" Dark Sci-fi Poetry by David Newkirk
“Q. Could intimacy with robots lead to greater social isolation? 
Short answer: Of course. But you knew that.” 
- Gina Smith, “Full Monty: Our Sexual Future with Robots, Detailed” 

touch me with your plastic lips  
and hands of cold rolled steel
then make me feel your molded hips
and gasp with breath unreal

your algorithms make me hot
I kiss your naked code
Just offer me your circuits taut
I’ll hack your pleasure mode

Spent within your toaster arms
an emptiness I feel
Though tempting are your hardwired charms
why can’t I make it real? 

David Newkirk is a retired attorney living in Kansas City, Missouri. His poetry has appeared in
The Chamber Magazine, and his fiction has appeared in Flash Fiction Magazine, Amazing
Stories, Literally Fiction, Fiction on the Web, and other places.

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