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Feedspot's ranking of the top ten magazine lists The Chamber Magazine and Rural Fiction Magazine

The Chamber Magazine and Rural Fiction Magazine both ranked high among Feedspot’s list of top fiction magazines.

I did a little surfing on the Internet yesterday and ran across a couple of articles that gave me a reason to smile.

First, I ran across Feedspot’s Top Ten List of Fiction Magazines (see the snippet above) and both The Chamber Magazine (#5) and Rural Fiction Magazine (#7) were on there. This list was published on May 13, 2023. If you are not familiar with Feedspot, they bill themselves as “the largest human-curated database of bloggers and podcasts”. I think I submitted both mags to them awhile back for listing in their database, but I had no idea either The Chamber or RFM would be on any top ten list for a long time. Thanks, Feedspot! This means the world to me! Their comment that The Chamber publishes stories that “chilling, thought-provoking, and emotionally resonant” goes to the credit of The Chamber’s brilliant, professional, dedicated writers and poets.

I have a slight issue with only two details. One is that they say The Chamber was founded in 2013. I believe this may be technically true. I started on it several years ago (I don’t recall exactly when), but I did not seriously pursue making it a successful magazine until December 2020. The second is that they didn’t choose a cover photo like they did for the others. I have no idea why not.

Second, while searching for The Chamber Magazine and “science fiction”, a list of Pinterest’s top ten science fiction sites popped up as seen below. Searching for “science fiction” on Pinterest, will produce much the same results minus The Chamber. So I do not know how Pinterest selects its supposed “top ten” (it may just be at random). In any case, it feels nice to see The Chamber on any list that includes “Amazing Stories” (who used to publish HP Lovecraft when he was new), “Fantasy and Science Fiction”, and “Asimov’s Science Fiction”.

Thank you sincerely to all you science-fiction writers who contributed to The Chamber and to all you science-fiction aficionados who read The Chamber Magazine.

Pinterest's list of top ten science fiction mags including The Chamber

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