Seeking Translations into English

Seeking translations of dark literature from any language into English

In order to maximize its global outreach, The Chamber Magazine is seeking translations of dark short stories, dark poetry, and essays from any language into English. The original language translation should accompany the English translation so that both can be run in the same post for comparison and for the benefit of those who speak the same language.

The Chamber seeks an audience from around the world. While English is widely spoken, when people search the Internet, they will probably search in their native language before searching in other languages. Therefore, The Chamber Magazine needs to have as many languages as possible represented in its pages.

Submissions of translations need to follow the same submission guidelines as all other material with one exception. The 7,500 word limit will apply to only the English translation and not to the original language document.

Please query or comment below if you have any questions.

Please repost this so that it receives maximum distribution.

If you would like to be part of The Chamber Magazine family, follow this link to the submissions guidelines. If you like more mainstream fiction and poetry with a rural setting and addressing rural themes, you may also want to check out Rural Fiction Magazine.

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