Major Change to Publication Schedule

The Chamber Magazine's logo (Damnatia) with the caption "the strange and dark and beautiful"

As of August 12, 2023, The Chamber will no longer be a monthly magazine but will publish stories and poems approximately two weeks after receipt. They will not be published in a group as in a regular print magazine. This change is an experiment in taking advantage of the Internet’s capabilities to publish anything at any time. The intent is to reach a wider by publishing more frequently. This change will take place as soon as possible.

All stories and poems will appear both on the front page of the website and in the blog. If you want to receive our stories and poems as soon as they are published, subscribe to the blog.

As always, if you find something you like, please re-post it to give it the widest possible dissemination. In fact, please re-post this to give it the widest possible dissemination as well.

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