“Escape to Paradise” Fiction by Curtis Bass

At 8 pm on a Thursday in January, Jenna heard a knock at her door. She looked through her peephole and began shivering. It was Dusty. Dustin Randall, her ex-boyfriend. Dustin, the ex-boyfriend who wouldn’t let go. Dustin, the ex-boyfriend who nearly put her in the hospital the last time he beat her.

“The Thwarted Kingdom” Fiction by Titus Green

Titus Green was born in Canada but grew up in the UK. His short fiction has appeared in numerous online and print magazines, including The Collidescope, Adelaide Literary Magazine, HORLA, Literally Stories, Sediments Literary Arts, Stag Hill Literary Journal, Sediments Literary Arts and others. He teaches English as a foreign language for a living.

“Hunter’s Moon” Dark Fiction by James Hanna

James Hanna is a retired probation officer and a former fiction editor. Due to his background, the criminal element figures strongly in much of his writing. James’ stories have appeared in over thirty journals, including Sixfold, Crack the Spine, and The Literary Review. His books, four of which have won awards, are available on Amazon.

The Saturday Night Special: “The Vampyre” by John William Polidori–The Project Gutenberg Text

The Vampyre is the original vampire novel and predates Dracula by Bram Stoker. It was written in the winter of 1819 in a competition between Polidori, Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and his wife Mary Shelley. It was for this competition that Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein.