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Mission Statement

The Chamber Magazine publishes short contemporary dark fiction & poetry weekly from around the world and from all genres: mainstream, literary, science-fiction, fantasy, horror, grimdark, suspense/thriller, action-adventure, experimental, gothic, noir, mystery/crime, cyberpunk, and more. We also publish interviews with many of our authors.

What is “dark fiction”? 

Defining “dark” is problematic. “Dark is perhaps best described as an attitude or a mood versus a genre.

“Dark Fiction” is a broad, nebulous cross/meta-genre that spans all genres. Science-fiction can be dark. Fantasy can be dark. Mainstream literature can be dark. Et cetera. All genres can be dark to some degree. 

The horror genre definitely can be classified as dark, but then so can much or what is considered fantasy, science fiction, literary, or mainstream. Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk can be considered dark, although it is definitely not of the horror genre. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad is dark though clearly not horror. 

With this magazine, I hope to post examples of what “dark” fiction can or should be.

Why do I call it “The Chamber”? The words “The Chamber” invokes images of a alchemist’s or sorcerer’s chamber deep within the bowels of a castle or of a wizard’s study where ancient manuscripts containing arcane knowledge of the Black Arts lie waiting to be used for nefarious purposes.  The perfect place to store, discuss, and develop terrifying philosophies and works of horror and other dark matters.

Be warned that stories published in The Chamber may contain adult language and situations and may not be suitable for people under the age of 18.

Phil Slattery, Publisher

Meet the Staff

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