Special Feature–“Son of Abyss”: discographic debut of multifaceted duo Abisso

Last night about 9:30 p.m., I checked my email and came across the message below. I checked out their music and art and both are beautifully dark and eerie. The music impressed me as something you might hear in the background of a Blade Runner cyberpunk world, where Dekard might be prowling the halls of an abandoned building hunting for replicants or something you might hear in the soundtrack of a sci-fi movie about the first human exploration of Mars or Enceladus or, for that matter, Arrakis.

Abisso describe themselves as “…an italian artistic duo with a dark mood, composed of: EryaV & D’avy. The “Son Of the Abyss” project goes beyond the dimension of mere collaboration, translating itself in an authentic artistic symbiosis. Beauty and elegance intertwine with cinematic atmospheres and intense sounds dark ambient type, supported by textual and photographic elements with a strong poetic, alien and mystical vocation. “

Visit their Facebook page “abissoart” and their website abissomusic.bandcamp.com for more information.

The Saturday Night Special: Party like a Mongolian Motorcycle Gang!

A couple of weeks ago, we visited South Korea, now let’s return to Asia and swing north to modern Ulaanbaatar for a Mongolian heavy metal concert!

The morning after the Hu concert you find yourself wandering dazed but pumped on the streets of the capitol, Ulaanbaatar. Here is the language and a few of the people and sights you might encounter.

A little later, you encounter this lady who tells you more about the Mongolian language than you ever thought you would know.

You and she decide it is time for some day-drinking. You make some new friends and you all decide to go somewhere to try the traditional Mongolian milk vodka (but somehow your linguist friend is sadly left behind):

Not really happy with traditional Mongolian alcohol, you decide to find something more to your taste and happen upon an American bar with an American cocktail named for Mongolia (though, of course, it really has nothing to do with Mongolia).

You like the American idea of a Mongolian cocktail and spend the rest of the day drinking it by the liter and experiencing the cyberpunk side of Ulaanbaatar.

After an intense night, you decide it is time to chill until you catch your flight back to the states and head out into the Mongolian backcountry to relax and let that god-awful milk vodka work its way out of your system.

The Saturday Night Special: Empire (Darksynth / Cyberpunk / Midtempo Mix)

For tonight, just on a goof, catch a flight to Seoul and hit some cyberpunk/dark synth clubs.

All dark music videos can be found on the Dark Music playlist on The Chamber’s YouTube channel.

If you are going to a darksynth/cyberpunk club, why not have a drink or two, something dazzling, mind-bending, and futuristic?

On your walk home, drop by a small bar for some soju or tea and quietly watch the rain and people.

Not familiar with soju? Hook up with the friends you just met in the bar and learn about it on this pub crawl through Seoul:

Once you’ve had enough partying, take a quiet walk through the rain to your hotel in Seoul.

The Saturday Night Special: Songs for Lonely Rainy Nights

All dark music videos can be found on the Dark Music playlist on The Chamber’s YouTube channel.

I love this haunting melody.

Here is a good place to be on a rainy, lonely night reading Hemingway or Camus.

If you are going to be alone on a rainy night, why not chase the green fairy?

The Saturday Night Special: Music for Rituals and Shamanic Journeys

All dark music videos can be found on the Dark Music playlist on The Chamber’s YouTube channel.

Let’s kick up the party a little and celebrate Walpurgisnacht (April 30- May 1) with Faun (from Germany).

I don’t know of any drink that shamans would have enjoyed, so I’ll go with the closest I can think of: Viking libations or drinks named for vikings or something viking-related (maybe).

I have no idea where these guys obtained a recipe for a screaming viking (they probably concocted it themselves), but here is a much simpler, alternative recipe that you can probably make easily out of stuff you have in your house tonight. I happen to have these ingredients at home tonight, so I will give it a shot.

Now take this opportunity to head out into forest to your special place and commune with nature.

Enjoy. Until next week…

The Saturday Night Special: Verdi’s Requiem – Dies Irae e Tuba Mirum

All dark music videos can be found on the Dark Music playlist on The Chamber’s YouTube channel.

If you’re going to listen to Verdi’s music, why not do it while enjoying some of his favorite beverage: wine.

Enjoy a glass while you learn about Verdi’s interesting life:

Now it’s time to party like Verdi:

Now, let’s kick it into high gear and bring it into the 21st century.


The Saturday Night Special: Playlist to Study like Nietzsche over the Abyss on a Tightrope between the Animal and The Uebermensch

For tonight’s foray, we are going out for a night on the town in Germany. The music is classical, but imagine yourself to be a German grad student studying classical music and literature in modern-day Berlin.

After your night of German cocktails, you can stop by here on the following morning to ease into your day.

While here, check out some of these world-renowned books by German authors that are available in The Chamber’s bookshop:

The Saturday Night Special: Private Eye Noir Jazz

As an experiment, on Saturday nights, The Chamber will bring you videos and maybe a few other things to liven your night. Some nights, it might be an evening barhopping or clubbing. Other nights, it might be an evening at a symphony or a play. Tonight’s theme is the private eye experience. Sit back, grab your favorite Raymond Chandler or Dashiell Hammett novel, and enjoy an evening of suspense. Should you, like many a private eye, overindulge tonight, The Chamber even brings you a hangover cure for tomorrow morning.

All music videos are collected under the Dark Music playlist on The Chamber’s YouTube channel.

To keep the night in a private eye vein, enjoy being in a private eye’s office for a while:

To keep things rolling in the Private Spirit tomorrow morning, here’s a cocktail/hangover cure for a private eye:

While you’re here, check out The Chamber’s bookshop, where you can find classic detective novels like The Big Sleep, The Maltese Falcon, and L.A. Confidential along with many other genres and subjects.

The Saturday Night Special: Circle – Dark Clubbing/ Bass House/ Cyberpunk Megamix

All music videos are collected under the Dark Music playlist on The Chamber’s YouTube channel.

I am going to take this Saturday Night Special thing a little farther and push it a little closer to the clubbing experience by now offering, along with the music, videos on making cocktails. After all, what’s a night on the town without cocktails? The channels/bartenders will vary, but this is clubbing, going from one club to the next, one bartender to the next, each weekend new clubs, new bartenders. The bartending shows are ones I watch frequently and that I find entertaining. If I were barhopping still, these would be the bartenders I would visit most regularly and chat with at the beginning of happy hour when people are starting to arrive or at the end of the night, when everyone is staggering out, the staff is cleaning and straightening the tables, and the bartender comes over the loudspeaker to say, “you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.”

As I progress with the Saturday Night Special, I will add new combinations of videos to try to bring it ever closer to virtual night of clubbing and barhopping without the nasty hangover on Sunday morning.

And while you are on your way back to your car at the end of the night, you stop for a while to look out over the city and contemplate where you go from here…for tonight and with your life.

You’re a writer, you can take the story from here.

Before you go, check out The Chamber’s Bookshop and check out these cyberpunk favorites.

Hasta luego. Drive safe.