Dark Music

These are some groups and tunes that I have found to be great for when I want to listen to something different, something that may help me concentrate to write dark fiction, to accompany my reading, to escape the humdrum world into a more spiritual place, or to revel in a more interesting dimension, place, or time. I will update this page as the moment, mood, or spirit moves me.

Steph n Jay Interpret NIN’s “Closer”

Forgive me if I ramble, but I have had about four fifths of a bottle of Beaujolais-Villages at this point and I have to share this with someone. After all, what’s the fun of having a magazine if you can’t surprise your audience now and then? I like to watch “reaction videos” on YouTube. If […]

Dark Music: “Once Upon a Time in Paris” by Erik Satie

Although this is not advertised as “dark”, this work by Erik Satie definitely has a dark, brooding air. Imagine yourself walking for hours along a dark, Parisian boulevard at night, your breath stinking of strong tobacco and Absinthe, during a thick fog sometime during the Second or early Third Republic, mulling over the tragic news […]

Playlist: Diegaro

Sometimes in my YouTube account, I create playlists of music to help inspire my writing of one work or another. Below is my playlist “Diegaro”. “Diegaro” is Esperanto for Gathering of the Great Gods (Esperanto is the artificial language I use as the alien language). I listen to this sometimes to inspire or accompany work […]

Scary Classical Music

I was trying to think of a symphony I once heard that was positively frightening (in a good, exciting way), so I searched the Internet and found this page “The Twenty Scariest Pieces of Classical Music”. This is an interesting list. It does have the piece I was searching for (“Danse Macabre”) and several others […]