If The Chamber were a movie, what would be included in its soundtrack? These are tracks I find good for background tunes while I am reading or writing dark literature, chilling, or just for doing housework. These vary in intensity from a relaxing evening reading classic horror in your private study with chamomile tea to high-intensity, techno-industrial clubbing on alien worlds. You can find more videos among the playlists on The Chamber’s YouTube channel.

Updated sporadically.

The Saturday Night Special: Verdi’s Requiem – Dies Irae e Tuba Mirum

Verdi’s Requiem is a musical setting of the Catholic funeral mass for four soloists, double choir and orchestra. “Dies irae” (day of wrath) is from a medieval Latin poem, which is one of the most famous Gregorian chants. [] ” ‘Dies Irae’ (literally, Day of Wrath) is a medieval Latin poem, and one of the most famous melodies of the Gregorian Chant. It describes Judgment Day, when humanity will come before God to receive judgment. “e tuba mirum” means trumpet wondrous and comes from part of the Requiem following the dies irae. The entire line is tuba mirum spargens sonum: trumpet casting a wondrous sound. The section performed here is only a small part of a long performance.

The Saturday Night Special: Tokyo (Japanese Trap and Bass Type Beat-Trapanese Hip Hop)

Trapanese (from the Urban Dictionary): “speaking in code while discussing illegal activities so that outsiders have no idea what you really mean. the incriminating words are replaced with other words that people working in the black market understand as having illegal meanings. some words are widely known and others are created within small groups of people to maintain secrecy.”

The Saturday Night Special: Playlist to Study like Nietzsche over the Abyss on a Tightrope between the Animal and The Uebermensch

If you like all things Germanic and Slavic of the 19th century, this playlist is for you: Wagner, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, and more. Shut off the electricity, light the candles and gas lights, get a liter of good German beer, some Schnapps, and some good pipe tobacco, close your eyes and take a little trip to Vienna, Berlin, and St. Petersburg.


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