Update: Buy Me a Coffee Site

New Twitter-proportioned Banner

I am making a subtle change to The Chamber’s overall organization. I will start previewing certain things (like next month’s cover) over at The Chamber’s Buy Me a Coffee site. I will test this a while and see how it goes. If there is enough interest and I can start to stay organized, I may have memberships there at a low rate, so donors can have access to plans and development and other stuff in advance of the main website and blog. I put a few posts up over there tonight, so you may want to hop over and check them out.

On another minor note, the banner above is one I designed to be used on Twitter or as a featured image on a post. After some experience with posting stories on this website, I have found that the featured image for a story (which may or may not be the one the reader sees at the top of a page) is the one that goes out to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tumbler. Cropping it to fit a Twitter post seems to be the best way to make it fit into all four social media sites. You may see this from time to time.