“The Exact Same Words” Micro Fiction by Marcelo Medone

“It’s been a long time since you came to visit me,” my mother said, in her best victim voice.

I didn’t want to explain her that my relationship with Alice wasn’t going well and the same thing happened to me at work. I looked helplessly at the bouquet of flowers in my hand.

“You never failed visiting me before” she insisted. “If your father lived, he wouldn’t allow it.”

“Precisely, Dad is dead.”

“Because of you!”

I threw the flowers at my feet, disgusted.

“Death solves all problems,” I said, ending the conversation.

The exact same words I told Alice before hammering her head. And that I told the boss when I showed up at the factory with my AR-15 rifle.

“Bye, Mom,” I muttered.

I walked away from her grave without looking back.

Marcelo Medone (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1961) is a medical doctor, lyric tenor singer, painter, journalist, fiction writer, poet and screenwriter. His fiction and poetry has received awards and has been published in reviews and editions in various languages in more than 20 countries, in Latin America, USA, Canada, Spain, France, Nigeria, India and Australia. He currently lives in San Fernando, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.