The Chamber’s Facebook Discussion Group Has Been Updated

The Chamber Magazine's Facebook Discussion Group has been updated.

About two years ago, I created a Facebook discussion group for The Chamber. I put a few posts on it and, not receiving a lot of participation, I neglected it. At that time, The Chamber was just taking off and there was not as much interest in the magazine as there is now. Therefore, I have resurrected the discussion group and am encouraging participation. I am the only administrator/ moderator for now, so there will probably be a delay in approving posts or memberships, but I will try to stay on top of them.

As you will see in the rules, the group is for discussion of the stories and poetry in The Chamber, but also for discussion of dark literature in general. While selling/ marketing stuff is frowned upon (spam is even more strongly frowned upon), I do encourage The Chamber’s writers to post updates and scheduled appearances including book-signings. Announcing the publication of a book or a cover unveiling is welcomed.

Please contact me with any questions and remember: the next issue of The Chamber comes out April 7.

If you would like to be part of The Chamber Magazine family, follow this link to the submissions guidelines. If you like more mainstream fiction and poetry with a rural setting and addressing rural themes, you may also want to check out Rural Fiction Magazine.