“Dramatic Short Story” A Film by Aleksandar Tomov

This is a touching, dramatic, and dark work that is well worth anyone’s time.

Alexandar Tomov Jr. is a Bulgarian freelance writer and film director who wants to expand his presence abroad. He is seeking film agents, directors, and people from the film industry from the West to evaluate his art, help with publicity, and distribute his movies abroad. He makes surreal and mystical cinema, expressing his ideas through symbolism. His films delve deep into the human subconscious, exploring hidden desires and feelings, solutions, and the strange ways by which they guide life. He also examines these themes in his short stories. He would also like to expand into advertising. He has unique and outstanding ideas on how to utilize promotion to result in increasing sales.

Book Trailer: “Zombies from Space…and Vampires”

Long story short, I came across this book trailer on YouTube and thought I would have to share it. It is a fun and intense trailer. I don’t know anything about the book, as you see here, or about the author (Angela B. Chrysler), but it looks like it might be a fun read. In any case, turn up the volume, buckle up, take a shot, and get ready. Let me know if you would like to see more films and trailers like this.

Bonus Feature: “Reflections on a Wasted Life” Video by Phil Slattery

As a bonus today, I am posting a video I posted on YouTube on Tuesday. Let me know what you think of it.

I am experimenting with YouTube as a means to attract more readers, but I am not a filmmaker by any stretch of the imagination. Therefore I am experimenting with public domain videos, music, and inexpensive video editing software to develop short but poignant, moving films to feature on The Chamber’s YouTube channel to draw more readers. I have posted on YouTube only a few so far, most of which are experiments. The one above is the best I had made as of Tuesday. These are becoming easier the more I make of them. Soon, I hope to be able to create a a short story using public domain material. I made the one above as an experiment in emotional impact. It doesn’t have a plot per se, just a poignant je ne sait quois.

Let me know what you think of the video above and visit The Chamber’s YouTube channel and let me know what you think of those videos and how I might be able to improve.

Phil Slattery, Founder and Publisher