“Fall Aesthetic” Horror Flash Fiction by Claire Bernay

"Fall Aesthetic" Horror Flash Fiction by Claire Bernay

Images of my surroundings fluttered through my half-closed eyes; orange leaves, rich dark dirt, the roots of a maple tree. An indie pop song, upbeat with a down-in-the-mouth message, don’t get me started, played through the amp between his legs. Jeans and a flannel, with his back to me, he danced to the beat. He turned, shuffling the leaves, making a crisp crunch. The leaves, the outfit, the music, a picturesque fall picnic, the pull of the rope that tied my hands behind my back.

I saw the saw.

Claire Bernay is a creator. She loves writing, pottery, poetry, crocheting, and painting. Claire wants to do everything but mostly make meaningful and compelling art. Her experiences bleed into her art and inspire her to create.