Appearing in The Chamber on April 9

“Bad Blood” Poetry by Akubudike Deborah

The audience is held in suspense on a woman’s wedding day

“Just in Case” Fiction by Garrett Rowlan

A man suspects a man following him through a park is up to no good.

“Cheap Sunglasses” Fiction by Rie Sheridan Rose

A woman receives a different kind of diagnosis on visiting her physician

“The Cold Spot” Fiction by Janea Speer

A woman encounters a mysterious cold spot while touring a Victorian mansion

The Chamber Improves Its Home Page

The Chamber Magazine has improved its format. Among these is that for interviews the author’s photo goes on the front page with the interview title. Also, featured photos for stories and poems also go on the front page. Check out its new face. We have also added a countdown feature on the Upcoming Stories page to let you know the time remaining to the next issue. Let us know your thoughts.

A public service message from The Chamber Magazine