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Contents “Ferry Ride” Dark Fiction by Alan Catlin “Peppermint Candy” Dark Fiction by James Mulhern Three Dark Poems by Peter Michael Bush: “Fear in the Eyes of the Crocodile”, “First…Serial…Rites”, and “Blood in the Sycamores” “You Monster” Horror by Janelle Chambers “Speakers” Dark Fiction by Patrick R. Wilson “A Saga of Blasphemy” Dark Fiction by […]

Contents “Useless Things” Dark Fiction by James Mulhern “The Red Eye of Love” Dark Fiction by Len Messineo “All the Coney Islands of the Mind” Dark Fiction by Alan Catlin “Greetings from Krampus” Dark Fiction by Tiffany Renee Harmon “Voice in the Casket” Dark Poem by Bernadette Harris “Ideal You Bars” Dark Fiction by Emma […]

Dear loyal readers, I have decided to put The Chamber on hiatus from March 11 until April 1 after which The Chamber will become a monthly magazine. There will be no March 11, March 18, or March 25 issues. This is something I have been contemplating for several months. I will run this issue’s (March […]

Contents “A Proper Ballerina” Dark Fiction by Janet Goldberg “Piñata” Dark, Supernatural Flash Fiction by D.C. Marcus Three Dark Poems by Callum McGee: “Black Oracles of Anfield Cemetery”, “Black Taxi”, and “Four Years of Hell” “The Shade” Dark, Supernatural Fiction by Wess Mongo Jolley Three Dark Poems by Joseph Farina: “fever planes”, “simulacrum”, and “what […]

Contents “Every Dog Has His Day” Mystery by Julian Grant (Part 2 of 2) “Safe” Dark Fiction by Janet Goldberg “Steve Loved Her to Pieces” Dark Fiction by Robert Kostanczuk “Acting Out” Dark Fiction by Brian R. Quinn “The Lottery” Dark, Speculative Fiction by James Hanna “Sister Tells Me” Dark Fiction by D.C. Marcus

Contents “Dream Errors” Psychological Horror by Jay Charles “The Forgiveness” Psychological Horror by Jacob Austin “Cruel” Dark, Legendary Fiction by Billy Stanton “Welcome to Hell” Darkly Humorous Fiction by Curtis Bass “On the Boardwalk” Dark Flash Fiction by Alan Catlin “Final Trick” Flash Fiction by Young Tanoto “Every Dog Has His Day” Mystery by Julian […]

Contents “The Text” Dark Flash Fiction by Christy Byrd “Love is Forever” Dark, Supernatural Fiction by Brian Klingborg “The Stain” Lovecraftian Fiction by Damir Salkovic “The Auctioneer’s Daughter” Dark Poetry by Olga Alexandra “The Seven-Horsed Chariot” Dark, Legendary Fiction by Hareendran Kallinkeel “Momma’s Boy” Dark Fiction by Ryan Thomas LaBee “The Modified Man” Dark Science-Fiction […]

Contents “The Exhibition” Dark Fiction by Ervin Brown “Memories of You” Dark Poetry by Gavin Turner “Bath Time for Panda” Dark Fiction by Maxwell C. Porter Two Dark Poems by David Arroyo “Hunter’s Moon” Dark Fiction by James Hanna

“No Talking in the Library” horror by T.L. Beeding, “Russell’s Story” dark comedy-horror by Philip Laverty, Fire Dark Poems by Jack Harvey, “The Lesbian Dinosaurs are Coming to Murder Your Asses” dark psychological fiction by Sara Corris, “Sifting Through the Ashes” dark supernatural flash fiction by Shelly Jones, and “So Long As I Don’t Look Up” dark flash fiction by Jonathan Williams

Contents “The Midnight Mountain” (Part 2 of 2) Dark Social Realism by Chad Hindman Three Dark Poems by Toshihisa Nikaido “Inevitable” Dark Flash Fiction by Daniel Mowery Three Poems by Thomas White   “Liquid Asylum” Dark Flash Fiction by Margaret Sefton “The Sixth Cut” Dark, Surreal Fiction by KA Burks “Rubies on a Mossy Idol” […]


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